VMware data recovery

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Whether your data loss stems from Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) issues, Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) issues, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) issues or accidentally deleted files, we offer the best services for VMware data recovery.

We employ top-notch technicians who are trained accordingly to help you with a VMware data recovery on a variety of systems and popular machines.

Our technicians stay updated on all of the latest technology developments surrounding new devices so nothing comes as a surprise to them when conducting a VMware data recovery.

Corruption of VMFS file system

VMFS is the method that VMware stores and organizes data. These file systems are used by the VMware infrastructure and the ESX hard drive.

A VMFS system is flexible and cluster-based. It can be stretched over multiple hard drives and increase in size without having to reformat the system or without losing any of its data.

It’s very unlikely for a VMFS system to become corrupted, but if it does, you should have a VMware data recovery performed by one of our trained technicians.

The VMFS file system is very complicated and complex. Performing a VMware data recovery from a corrupted VMFS system is much more difficult than performing an HDD recovery due to its cluster-base.

Corruption of the VMDK file

Working with VMDK files is more common than working with a VMFS file system. The VMDK is a hard disk that operates using software and is used along with a traditional physical disk.

VMware uses the VMDK to store virtual operating systems. The VMDK stores the settings for the system, the files and the programs that operate virtually.

A VMDK file can suffer corruption for various reasons. VMDK corrupted files can happen due to physical issues with the drive and software problems on the computer where the VMDK file is installed.

Technicians with experience in VMware data recovery can either recover the data from the file or rebuild the VMDK files that have been corrupted.

RAID failure

Even if the RAID has been installed in a virtualized environment, it can still suffer from corruption. This failure can lead to data loss. But, if the RAID system is working using a RAID storage solution, then the best way to recover data is through a VMware data recovery.

RAID failure occurs when there are physical issues or physical failures with a disk in the RAID array that can lead to data loss. RAID failure can also occur when the controller for the software develops problems with its redundancy patterns.

Other common causes of RAID failure include –

  • A spike in power
  • Drive incompatibility
  • Damage from vibrations
  • Malfunction of power circuit
  • Defect from the manufacturer
  • Intermittent drive failure
  • Fire, flood or lightning damage
  • Overheat, crash or failure of HDD
  • Failure or burnout of power supply

Accidental deletion of files

VMware data recovery can also be used when files are accidentally deleted. Files can be accidentally deleted at anytime, by anyone, simply because it was a mistake. Even though it was a mistake, the files still need to be recovered.

It’s possible to perform a successful VMware data recovery without having to scan the hard disk of the system because the VMDK stores data on the virtual system.

VMware remote data recovery

Our technicians are trained to recover your lost data remotely should the issue crop up outside of normal business hours. Even if you’re across the country, we can handle your VMware data recovery issues.

Data emergencies occur all the time and can be very scary if it involves customer data, financial data or operational issues. Get your business back up and running quickly by using one of our VMware data recovery specialists.

Choosing your VMware data recovery team

Finding the right VMware data recovery team is important to the success of recovering your lost data. Obviously, it’s important to find your team prior to an issue occurring so you can simply call them the minute data is lost.

A good VMware data recovery team is not just a team that can recover data. It should have some of the following characteristics –

  • Audits that ensure the highest practices within the industry
  • Provide customers with high-security services when dealing with sensitive information
  • Works with proactive approaches to VMware data recovery
  • Able to create backups of your virtual systems
  • Ability to perform VMware data recovery work on multiple systems, including Linux, Mac and Windows machines
  • Uses state-of-the-art facilities to work on your devices to prevent dust from building up on your machines, which can cause further issues requiring a VMware data recovery

A leader in VMware data recovery

Whether you suffered data loss due to accidentally deleted files, RAID failure, VMDK file corruption or VMFS file system corruption, we can recover the lost data for you.

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