At Drive Data Recovery, we offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs. If you are an individual or small business looking for data recovery services at an affordable rate, we can help. If you are an IT company that services computers but needs to utilize our expertise to recover your client’s data, we have white label contracts available. And for large enterprise companies and government agencies, we have the infrastructure and highly skilled technicians to retrieve data in even the most complex situations.

We are the top experts in data recovery. When you choose Drive Data Recovery, not only will you have peace of mind knowing that we will recover your critical information, you can be confident that it will remain private and secure. We offer all our clients a Confidentiality Guarantee to ensure your data is protected while it is in our hands.

recovery solutionsPersonal Data Recovery

Personal data recovery should be fast, secure, and affordable. With our streamlined processes, we will evaluate your device and provide an up front, transparent quote with no hidden fees. We can recover all types of personal data from your laptop, desktop, mobile device, external hard drive, or any other media that has been compromised. Whether you have lost precious photos and videos or crucial documents and databases, our team of experts will recover it for you. Not only will we retrieve the information that you need, we offer a Confidentiality Guarantee that ensures your data stays secure and private throughout the data recovery process.

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Small Business Data Recovery

When you operate a small business, access to your data and files is critical to your operations. A system crash or media failure can be extremely detrimental. Our expert recovery team can retrieve business data and documents from all types of media and virtual machines. Whether you have lost critical documents and databases, valuable archives and data dumps, or media projects that include videos and photos, we will get your data back for you. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to retrieve all types of information. If it can be recovered, we will recover it. Our services are all backed by our Confidentiality Guarantee so you can have peace of mind knowing that your private information will not be compromised.

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Enterprise Data Recovery

Enterprise businesses have an extensive amount of information to utilize and safeguard, so it is critical to keep your systems up and running. A crash in one area can have a company-wide impact. Drive Data Recovery is the leading expert in recovering critical files for enterprise companies. We recover information from all types of enterprise media, including virtual machines, servers, desktops, laptops, RAID configurations, and storage area networks. The expert technicians at Drive Data Recovery are specifically trained for your complex systems, and we use the most advanced technology available to retrieve your information. So whether you’ve lost media projects, archives and data dumps, or important company documents, we will quickly and securely retrieve them for you. And our ironclad Confidentiality Guarantee ensures that your critical data will be secure while it is in our hands.

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Government Data Recovery

At Drive Data Recovery, we help federal, state, and local government agencies recover critical data quickly and securely. We recognize the extensive amount of records these agencies often keep and the damage a system failure can cause to productivity. Our highly skilled team of technicians uses the latest technology to recover your government data. We also offer services on location for government agencies that prohibit data from leaving their facility due to compliance issues with GSA schedule contracts. Whether we recover your data in one of our state-of-the-art facilities or at your location, we provide the same level of expertise and skill to retrieve your information. And because we back all our services with a Confidentiality Guarantee, we are the preferred choice of many government agencies. We work with agencies at all levels, such as the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, state universities, police departments, and local townships and villages.

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IT Data Recovery

Because our technicians’ only job is to recover critical data, we are the go-to data recovery company for large company in-house IT departments and other IT and computer repair businesses when they need to recover data for their customers. We have helped retrieve critical data for many small to medium-sized IT firms, service contractors, and computer/electronics repair shops. We use only the latest and most advanced technology, and we offer white label contracts for our IT clients when requested. Whether we work directly with an IT company to recover data or retrieve information for the clients of the IT businesses that we serve, every client’s private information remains secure with our Confidentiality Guarantee.

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