Enterprise Data Recovery

As an enterprise-level business, you have a vast amount of information to manage and protect. If data from any one of your departments fails, it can have a company-wide effect. That is why it’s critical to use a data recovery company that you can trust to recover your data quickly and safely. Drive Data Recovery is one of the largest and most dependable data recovery companies in the business. We have 61 facilities across the country and we are available when you need us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our services include standard, expedited, and emergency data recovery. Each service is designed to fit your timeline and budget and will be performed by our highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians. We can recover documents, databases, multimedia, virtual machines, valuable archived data, and more from your devices. In fact, if it can be recovered, you can count on us to recover it.

As the leading industry experts, we utilize the latest technology and training in data recovery. Our technicians specialize in recovery and that is all we do. Your critical enterprise-level data will receive the highest level of care while in our hands. Plus, our Confidentiality Guarantee protects your private company information from any outside threats and security breaches.

enterprise data recoveryWhat We Recover

At Drive Data Recovery, we have experts on hand and ready to assist you with recovering critical data from all your devices, including:

ServersMost large companies store critical company information on a variety of different servers. If one or more of your servers goes down, our server data experts can quickly retrieve the information you need for your company.

Desktops – Desktop computers change rapidly and it is very possible that your company uses multiple brands and models. Our recovery technicians have worked on all types of desktops and can retrieve data from SSDs and hard drives in these computers.

Laptops – Laptops are convenient and mobile, but their drives are more fragile than desktop computers. This makes laptops susceptible to crashing. Our experts are familiar with multiple issues affecting laptops and have a track record of recovering laptop data for our clients.

Hard Disk Drives – Hard drives are complex devices and can fail for many reasons, including power supply issues, manufacturer defects, or even malware corruption. Our technicians will evaluate your drive and recover it so that you are back up and running quickly.

Solid-State Drives – Solid-state drives (SSDs) can help you create multiple data backups, which is a plus. However, like other types of technology, they can still fail. Our experts are trained to handle these complex devices and can retrieve your information quickly and securely.

Media Storage – Today’s enterprise businesses rely on many different forms of media for marketing, training, and other purposes, and they often utilize various media storage such as SD and CF Cards or USBs. When these devices crash, you can count on us to retrieve your valuable photos, videos, and other critical media.

RAID Configurations – RAID recovery is often time sensitive. When one drive fails, you can expect another one to go down as well. If they are not recovered before the next backup, critical information could be lost. Our RAID recovery experts are familiar with all the different RAID configurations and will quickly recover your information. In fact, we developed our own proprietary software and tools for these types of failures.

SAN – If your company stores its valuable data on a storage area network, then a crash can be disastrous without the right recovery team. You need a recovery company equipped to handle this highly technical recovery process. At Drive Data Recovery, we have the expertise necessary to retrieve your SAN data.

DAS – Our expert recovery team can recover a single DAS drive or multiple ones found in RAID arrays. Regardless of the level of difficulty, we will retrieve your critical information quickly and securely.

NAS – NAS drive damage is often the result of issues such as RAID rebuild errors or malware. These issues can cause serious damage to your file-level data. Fortunately, our skilled team of technicians is trained in how to handle these situations in order to retrieve your information quickly.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery

As an enterprise-level company, you rely on data for a variety of reasons, from payroll and human resources to industry-specific issues. If technology from any one of your departments or locations fails, the results could be disastrous. That is why you need the best in the business to help you retrieve your vital information swiftly and securely. You can count on Drive Data Recovery if you are faced with a critical data recovery situation.

We understand that you may need approval from a company decision-maker before proceeding with recovery. With Drive Data Recovery, we will provide you with a full diagnostic report that explains the problem, the cost to repair it, and the amount of time it will take for us to complete the recovery process. We are completely transparent so that you can present a report in full to your company for approval. We will not begin the process without your approval, and we will not charge you until we’ve recovered your data.

When you choose Drive Data Recovery, you are choosing the industry experts, the most advanced technology and facilities, and the fastest turnaround times for data recovery. Plus, with our Confidentiality Guarantee, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable information will not be compromised while it is in our care. We are the trusted source for data recovery for many different enterprise-level companies, and we can help you, too.

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