Who we are – America’s experts in data recovery

If you don’t already know who we are, it probably means that you haven’t been faced with a hard drive crash before, or needed expert data recovery services until now.

We’re Drive Data Recovery – America’s leading data recovery service.

Through our nationwide network of skilled technicians, we can recover deleted data from any type of device, software, media or system.

Whether you’re a business owner faced with an enterprise-wide system error, or an individual affected by a hard drive crash or media failure, we can help.

We can provide 24/7 emergency data recovery services with expert support, and we can can recover deleted data through any internet connection with our remote data recovery tools.

who we are

Who we are – Your best option for recovering data when others have failed

If you’ve lost data, it’s best to rely on our skilled technicians, whose only job is to recover data.

Your in-house IT people and local geeks may want to help you find lost data, but they usually don’t have the special training and experience required for successful data recovery.

When it comes to recovering data, we’re the best choice because we’re fast, effective and affordable. In contrast, most tech service companies recover data as a sideline, and they can’t guarantee results.

Don’t trust your data recovery to inexperienced in-house techs or clueless geeks – They mean well, but often fall short because they lack the years of experience and state-of-the-art data recovery tools that we have.

There’s no reason to take a chance on permanently losing your valuable data – We’ll recover lost files right, the first time.

Data recovery is our only business, and we’re the very best at it.

How we do it

At Drive Data Recovery, our most important asset is our team of highly experienced, dedicated technicians whose only mission is to recover data and help restore deleted data, so you can have peace of mind.

If your hard drive crashes or your media become unreadable, we have the advanced tools and state-of-the-art technologies needed to access lost data.

We use the industry’s highest standards for data recovery, and we’re proud to be the chosen provider for many well-known organizations.

Our technicians can recover deleted data from your device or media, and we’re confident of our ability – We don’t charge for data recovery services unless we’re successful.

who we are

Drive Data Recovery is who we are, and peace of mind is what we are about

Our name says it all – Drive Data Recovery is the best option for recovering data from any system, device or software. Even when other techs can’t find deleted data, we usually do.

We’re America’s best provider of data recovery services, and our reputation is based on success – If we don’t recover data, we don’t charge you anything.

Drive Data Recovery is the preferred provider when it comes to remotely recovering data on-line.

And, we also offer the quickest 24/7 emergency data recovery service as well as the most comprehensive email support and phone support.

At Drive Data Recovery, we’re all about peace of mind

Most important of all, we’re affordable.

That’s who we are, and we’re proud to be America’s best choice for data recovery service when you need it most.