IT Data Recovery

Drive Data Recovery is the go-to data recovery company for IT departments and computer repair companies when they need help recovering data. In fact, we are their “secret weapon” for secure data recovery. Why do so many IT companies choose Drive Data Recovery? Because we are the data recovery experts. It is all we do. Our skilled technicians are trained in the most advanced technology available for data recovery. And we are the industry leaders in privacy and data security. When you work with us, you can be confident that your data will remain secure throughout the recovery process. Plus, you can even take credit for the successful recovery, because we offer white label contracting.

it data recoveryWe Are Trusted Providers for IT Firms

Our solid reputation is built on repeatedly delivering successful, secure data recovery for our clients. We are the trusted choice in data recovery for small to midsize companies, internal IT departments, and service contractors. We also work with computer repair shops and electronics repair shops to help them recover their clients’ valuable data.

What We Recover

At Drive Data Recovery, we can recover data from just about any type of device. In fact, if it is recoverable, we will retrieve it. We can recover data from:

ServersWe have server data experts who can diagnose the problem and quickly recover the critical server data so that you or your client is back up and running in no time.

Desktops – Our technicians are experienced in recovering data from all models and brands of desktop computers. And we can recover it from solid-state drives or hard drives.

Laptops – Laptop computers are one of the most common devices to crash. They are mobile and convenient, but also vulnerable for the same reasons. We work on many different laptop issues and are familiar with the problems that result in data loss.

Hard Disk Drives – There are so many reasons that hard drives can fail. It could be a power supply issue, malware, or a possible manufacturer defect. We will diagnose the drive and recover the data quickly.

Solid-State Drives – Solid-state drives (SSDs) are great for speed, safety and creating multiple backups of data, but like anything else, they can still crash. These drives are more complex than other devices, but our expert data recovery team can successfully retrieve the data from any SSD.

Media Storage – USBs, SD Cards, and other media are vulnerable to damage from malware. We are experts at recovering valuable photos, videos, and other data from damaged media.

RAID Configurations – RAID failure can be extremely detrimental. When one drive fails, another in the same cluster may follow. Our proprietary software tools are equipped to handle these types of failures.

SAN – Storage Area Networks (SAN) are difficult to recover if you are not trained or equipped to do so. Drive Data Recovery technicians are trained to handle such complex data recovery issues.

DAS – We will recover your data from a DAS that is a single internal hard drive or one that belongs to a RAID array.

NAS – File-level data found on NAS hard drives is sometimes compromised by RAID rebuild errors, malware, and other hard drive damage. Fortunately, we have the expertise to retrieve this data for you.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery?

As an IT expert, you know technology well. However, some issues like data loss are highly sensitive and require an expert who specializes in data recovery. At Drive Data Recovery, we are the go-to company for IT departments who need this level of support.

We will evaluate your issue free of charge and give you a full, detailed report that includes the cost of the data recovery process and how long the job will take. We take pride in the fact that our company offers full transparency in pricing. If you need to report back to your supervisor or are using us for one of your clients, you can relay this information with confidence.

Once we receive your approval to begin the data recovery process, we will get to work. We will not charge you unless we successfully recover your data. If you want to keep it private that we are your “secret weapon” for data recovery, we will provide you with a white label contract.

Our facilities and equipment are the most advanced in the industry, which is one of the reasons we can provide the fastest turnaround times, including emergency services, for data recovery. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that the data you leave in our hands will not be compromised. Our Confidentiality Guarantee sets us apart from other data recovery companies. In fact, we are industry leaders in privacy and security.

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