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Drive Data Recovery

When you’ve lost data it may feel like you’ve lost the most important part of your life. And, if you’ve lost business data, the lives of others may be seriously affected, too.

Drive Data Recovery is America’s leader in data recovery services. We’re the experts in lost data recovery, and we can successfully recover deleted data from any device – Anywhere, anytime.

Our nationwide network of hard drive repair and diagnostic laboratories gives you convenient access to the world’s most state-of-the-art tools for recovering lost data.

Whenever you think your valuable data is lost forever, just contact us – We’ll quickly give you peace of mind.

Best of all, we’re available 24/7 for emergency service no matter where you live or do business.

hard drive recovery
We specialize in hard to recover data.

Expert data recovery when you need it most

Sooner or later we all face a problem that results in apparent data loss.

A computer failure or storage media problem can erase data or make it inaccessible.

Sometimes the data loss is caused by malware, other times the trigger is a natural disaster, hack or employee error.

Many people forget about routine backups and other important tasks until it’s too late.

Luckily, in nearly every case the data isn’t really “lost,” it’s just inaccessible to you.

Your data can usually be recovered with help from an expert technician using advanced tools and methods.

Don’t give up hope, just contact Drive Data Recovery. We’ll find your deleted or lost data – Fast!

Why choose Drive Data Recovery?

Restoring important information is a job best left to the pros. Your friendly neighborhood geeks and in-house IT staff simply don’t have enough tools and experience to ensure success in data recovery.

But here at Drive Data Recovery we have the power to work miracles with your damaged disks and deleted files.

When you choose us, you’re choosing peace of mind. We’ll quickly identify the underlying issues, and restore your data quickly so your business keeps running.

Affordable recovery for your priceless data

Most importantly, we’re affordable – Our extensive network of computer restoration and recovery facilities means affordable prices and fast service, no matter where you are.

We’re confident in our results — There’s no charge unless we recover your data — Guaranteed.

We can recover data after your worst disaster

❋ Accidental deletions and human errors

❋ Corrupted or unreadable files

❋ System crashes and hardware failures

❋ Rootkits, viruses and malware

❋ Hackers and disgruntled employees

❋ Fires, water damage and other natural disasters

❋ Unintended encryptions and “lost keys”

❋ Extorsionware

Restore lost data from any device

Drive Data Recovery provides state-of-the-art data recovery. We can make your lost files reappear – as if by magic – from any type of device, system or storage media.

✓ Laptops

✓ Notebooks and mobile devices

✓ Desktops

✓ Hard disks


✓ Hard drives

✓ Flash drives and memories

✓ Tape backups

✓ Enterprise systems

✓ Custom databases

Restore any deleted data or lost files

✓ Software programs

✓ System code

✓ Documents

✓ Graphics

✓ Photos

✓ Movies and videos

✓ Emails and messages

Do it right the first time – You may not get a second chance

Successful data recovery is only possible by using complex digital and mechanical tools. In order to do it right, a specialist technician first needs to have plenty of training and experience.

Sometimes people try to fix data problems at home or in-house, which can create even worse issues.

“Wannabe” techs often cause permanent damage by opening up computer cases without the proper equipment and precautions.

As a first step, we always recommend immediately turning off any troubled drive or defective device – The longer it stays powered-on, the less likely a successful data recovery may become.

When it comes to critical data, you may have only one chance – That’s why it’s best to do it right the first time by calling Drive Data Recovery.

The value of recovered data is priceless

For individuals, companies and organizations that rely on data each day, we’re a life-saver. Our expert technicians can restore precious information before you really miss it.

We live for challenging tasks, and we’re proud of our success in recovering and preserving irreplaceable memories such as your priceless photos, recordings, movies and personal archives stored on old digital media.

If your family heirlooms are stored on digital media in any format, we can help restore data and safeguard those priceless memories.

Data is the foundation of your life… and your business

And, if your company has lost or deleted data, we can help you stay in business by resurrecting your missing information.

Drive Data Recovery can solve your problem right now

No matter which type of system, device or media you have, our expert technicians can find and restore the data it contains.

Wherever you live, there’s a Drive Data Recovery center nearby. And, in many cases we can restore data even faster through our award-winning remote data recovery services.

You can count on us to recover your critical business and personal data whenever the unthinkable happens.

We live by our results — There’s no charge unless we recover your data.

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