Confidentiality guarantee

At Drive Data Recovery we’ve built our reputation based on ironclad data security measures including our confidentiality guarantee.

When it comes to data recovery, we take security and confidentiality very seriously – That’s why our confidentiality guarantee is the strongest in the data recovery industry.

Our confidentiality guarantee is designed to protect information and ensure your privacy, even after a hard drive crash or other disaster makes data temporarily inaccessible to you.

Data privacy is important for all of us, so our data recovery team works hard to ensures that your personal and business information is never compromised under any circumstances.

After a hard drive crash or other disaster you feel may feel vulnerable. You need secure data recovery with a confidentiality guarantee.

We can help – Drive Data Recovery is your best choice to protect privacy.

For successful data recovery protected under a blanket confidentiality guarantee, contact us now.

confidentiality guarantee

Data recovery confidentiality guarantee

When we recover data from your device or media, we provide you with the tech industry’s most comprehensive confidentiality guarantee.

As America’s leader in secure data recovery, we know that secure data is the foundation of our success.

We’ve built our reputation on data security and data confidentiality. And, our confidentiality guarantee is what sets us apart from other companies.

A confidentiality guarantee gives you peace of mind

When you entrust us to recover data after a hard drive crash, hack, accidential deletion or other human error, you can have peace of mind in knowing that we protect information during the data recovery process.

We use advanced data security measures to protect privacy during the entire data recovery process.

We base our confidentiality guarantee on redundant data security.

Our confidentiality guarantee means that your files are kept confidential throughout the entire data recovery process, no matter whether we’re recovering data from a single item of damaged media or multiple devices after a hard drive crash.

Secure hard drives

Our confidentiality guarantee mandates the we only use secure hard drives when we recover data.

So, when we recover data from your device or media we nearly always store it on our secure servers, which ensures the best security for your confidential information.

That way, there’s almost no chance that any unauthorized person could access confidential information.

Data security system

Another data protection measure that we employ as part of our confidentiality guarantee is our award-winning data security system.

A confidentiality guarantee means your information will never be exposed

In the event of any attempted attack, our data security and data protection teams are able to take decisive action to protect confidential data and guard your privacy.

A confidentiality guarantee protects your business from competitors

Our redundant data security protection system means that you can rest easy, knowing that your business’ confidential data and your personal information are safe and secure.

Data security updates

Since we’re the leader in secure data recovery, we’re at the front lines of the war against malware and hacks.

Our team stays up-to-date regarding all aspects of data security and secure data recovery.

That’s why our confidentiality guarantee sets the standard for the entire secure data recovery industry.

Our confidentiality guarantee means we’re blind to your data

Even as we’re recovering data securely from your device or media, the power of top-level encryption ensures that we can’t see it.

So, your confidential data are never exposed to human eyes unless there’s truly an urgent need to do so for technical reasons.

And, after every data recovery we always delete data automatically once we’ve delivered it to you.

A confidentiality guarantee means we never disclose your information

Secure data recovery and confidential data recovery

We specialize in secure data recovery, which means confidential data recovery for you.

A confidentiality guarantee means nobody knows what you’ve been doing online

Here at Drive Data Recovery we’ve built our reputation based on our successful results with secure data recovery.

For help in recovering data securely, just contact us.