Confidentiality Guarantee

When your hard drive crashes, you want a highly skilled professional to recover it. But you also need a guarantee that your data will be secure. At Drive Data Recovery, we recognize that privacy is crucial to our clients. We want you to feel confident that your information is in good hands, which is why we provide a Confidentiality Guarantee.

As industry leaders in secure data recovery, our Confidentiality Guarantee provides the most stringent protection you can find for keeping your information private. It’s what sets us apart from other data recovery companies.

The top focus of our technicians and account representatives is handling your sensitive material. We provide extensive training to ensure that our technicians and account representatives follow the guidelines set in our confidentiality guarantee. Our training process and procedures are consistent across all of our nationwide facilities. If your company has sites in multiple cities, you can count on us to confidentially and securely recover your data at any of our locations.

confidentiality guaranteePrivacy Measures

To execute our Confidentiality Guarantee, and ensure that your data remains secure, our privacy measures include:

Secure Servers – Your data is recovered at one of our facilities using secure servers that follow data encryption and decryption protocols. Our protocols prevent your information from being intercepted.

Encryption Policies – Preventing your data from exposure is something we take very seriously. As part of the recovery process, we utilize on-site advanced level encryption while recovering your information.

Secure Data Return Policies – Once we have retrieved your information, we take precautionary measures to ensure that your data is returned to you safely and securely. We will return the information to you electronically over a secure FTP server. Or, if you prefer external media, we will send you an encrypted drive and require signature authorization for its release.

Data Deletion Procedures – After we have recovered your data and securely returned it to your satisfaction, we delete the information and destroy any physical copies in our possession. This is an automatic process designed to ensure that we no longer have access to your data once it is back in your hands.

Security System Updates – To stay on top of security and privacy challenges, we perform routine security system updates on our operating system. We maintain the most current technology and anti-virus software to protect against malware and other cyber-attacks.

Secure Monitored Facilities – Not only do we keep your data secure, we follow the strictest guidelines to guarantee that our facilities are also secure. Every Drive Data Recovery facility is equipped with CCTV monitors to ensure security. Our security measures remain in place every day around the clock.

Additional Security Procedures

Your security is our top priority and we stress that to our team. In fact, we only employ technicians and staff willing to go through our extensive employee background checks and vetting process. All our employees must sign a strict internal employee non-disclosure agreement.

Even after our staff members have met the requirements and signed the paperwork adhering to our policies, we still maintain a chain of custody logging system and procedures for additional protection. Our team follows the strictest confidentiality requirements to guarantee that your private information remains secure.

Some companies that handle sensitive information also require 3rd party non-disclosure documentation. If your compliance department requires this, we will gladly sign these forms. We recognize that this is for your protection and it is our main objective to keep your information protected and private.

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For dependable, reliable service, you can count on Drive Data Recovery. Our two-stage process provides you with detailed diagnostic information, upfront costs with no surprises, and a Confidentiality Guarantee that promises the highest level of security for your data.

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