Desktop data recovery

If you need desktop data recovery, we can help. We’re America’s leading experts in recovering your lost data.

Although increasingly replaced by laptops and tablets, desktops are still widely used. That means there are many hard drive crashes requiring desktop data recovery.

Desktops generally use two different storage options: hard drives and SSD or solid state drives. Each has its own advantages, but both are susceptible to crashes that require desktop data recovery.

Here at Drive Data Recovery, we have plenty of experience with all models of desktop computer. No matter which brand you have, or the model year, we can provide fast,successful desktop data recovery.

If you experience a hard drive crash or SSD crash, we can analyze the problem and provide desktop data recovery service.

Our expert technicians are certified to provide the best desktop data recovery service in our industry. Other methods may only yield a partial recovery of lost data. We can find the data missed by lesser technicians.

Desktop data recovery after a hard drive crash

Sometimes you can hear a hard drive crash as it happens. It’s usually a grinding sound or clicking noise coming from your computer. Or, you may see an error message indicating file corruption.

You may also be familiar with the “blue screen of death.” If your desktop repeatedly crashes and shows a dark blue screen with error messages, you probably need desktop data recovery. These warning signs shouldn’t be ignored, or you may need a desktop data recovery.

You should power off the device at the first sign of trouble. Don’t attempt to keep your device running or perform a DIY fix. That may cause further delays in the desktop data recovery process.

Once you’ve turned off the computer, don’t attempt to restart it. Also, don’t attempt to disassemble the motherboard, install software, or put a fan on a wet computer. All these can lead to further file corruption and may foil the desktop data recovery process.

If your desktop has crashed, you should have it examined by trained, certified technicians. Well-meaning friends and neighborhood geeks don’t have the tools and experience to successfully complete a desktop data recovery.

Desktop data recovery after an SSD crash

SSD drives are considered more reliable than traditional hard drives, due to their redundant backup systems. However, multiple system crashes can result in a need for desktop data recovery.

Because of their unique design, SSD recovery requires special knowledge and equipment. Our team of desktop data recovery engineers has worked with these drives for years and knows them inside and out in a way other services don’t.

If you suspect an SSD drive system failure, the advice is the same as it is for a traditional desk drive: First power off the device. Turning off the drive will prevent overwrites of data, making the desktop data recovery process easier.

How we can help with desktop data recovery

If your desktop crashed and requires a desktop data recovery service, look for the experts who can ensure your data is returned to you in full. Our technicians are certified and trained to perform all the tasks required during the desktop data recovery process.

We take the safety of your data seriously, so our facilities are designed to reduce dust and other airborne particles. Our state-of-the-art tools, equipment and software can recover lost data during a desktop data recovery, even when it was missed by other technicians. s.

The security of your data is important, and that’s why our technicians and engineers have all the applicable certifications necessary for desktop data recovery. Your private data remains confidential, and isn’t compromised during the desktop data recovery process.

Our support team is here to assist

We have the finest customer support teams in our business. Our phone, online and email assistants are here to ensure that you’re never left hanging during the desktop data recovery process.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls and explain the desktop data recovery process. Our “no recovery, no charge” guarantee ensures that you won’t pay until your lost data is restored to you.

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