Government Data Recovery

Government agencies and their employees have vast amounts of information to manage and protect.  When one or more systems fail, it can mean the loss of valuable time and information. At Drive Data Recovery, we have the expertise and technology to safely and swiftly retrieve valuable government data, and we have experience working with multiple federal, state, and local government agencies.

Our company is very familiar with GSA schedule contracts and their constraints. When you work with Drive Data Recovery, we comply with all contracts and even offer onsite recovery if required.  Our highly skilled technicians use the most advanced technology available and can retrieve your data at one of our 61 facilities or on location, depending on your contract restrictions.

Government agencies frequently work with confidential data that needs to remain secure. Drive Data Recovery is the industry leader when it comes to confidentiality and security. You can trust us to keep your information private with our Confidentiality Guarantee. We take extensive measures to ensure your data is protected. That is why we are trusted by government agencies nationwide.

government data recoverySecure Recovery for All Levels of Government

Data recovery needs are different depending on the level of government and the agency. The Drive Data Recovery team is experienced with data recovery at all levels of government and security, including:

Federal Government – Top-level federal government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, Department of Housing, and the Department of Energy, can have systems fail like any other agency. When this happens, Drive Data Recovery can recover your critical information. Not only will we retrieve it, our iron-clad Confidentiality Guarantee has measures in place that protect such top-level information from being compromised.

State Government – We work with numerous state government agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Police, Courts of Law, Department of Agriculture, and State Universities, to recover and protect their data. And since we have 73 facilities nationwide, finding a location is always easy.

Local Government – Our data recovery services are designed for every level of government, including local governing bodies of counties, townships, and villages. Our expert technicians will quickly recover your data from any device or server.

PLEASE NOTE: Some services and requests from government agencies may incur additional charges, especially those related to specific procedures and compliance. However, we will fully disclose this information in the free diagnostic report presented to you after our initial evaluation.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery?

As a government agency, you want a data recovery service with a great reputation, a solid success rate, and the strongest Confidentiality Guarantee in the industry. Drive Data Recovery understands the protocols involved in working with a government agency, and we are the trusted data recovery provider for many different agencies at all levels of government.

At Drive Data Recovery, we recognize that you may be required to submit a request and get approval for this type of expenditure. That is why we provide a detailed diagnostic report at no charge. This report is fully transparent and provides a detailed quote on the cost to recover your data. You will have the information you need to answer any questions from decision-makers in the agency.

Once your agency has approved the order, we will get to work. Our company has the fastest turnaround time in the business. Plus, we have emergency service available for mission-critical data. When you choose Drive Data Recovery, you are working with experts who use only the most advanced technology and procedures. Our state of the art facilities are equipped for handling even the most difficult recovery jobs. Furthermore, we are the industry leaders in the privacy and protection of sensitive data with our Confidentiality Guarantee.

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