Mission statement

At Drive Data Recovery, our mission is simple – To recover your lost data or deleted files quickly and affordably. Unlike other tech companies, data recovery is all we do here.

We’re America’s most trusted provider of data recovery services, and we have the chops to prove it. From large financial-services firms to individuals and small businesses nationwide, we set the standard for successful data recovery services.

If you have a data problem or you need to recover deleted files, we can help – Just contact us now.

mission statement

Successful data recovery from any device, software, system or media

We specialize in recovering data from any type of device, system or media. We’re the team that frustrated local IT geeks turn to when they can’t recover data by themselves.

Through our network of data recovery centers staffed by well-trained specialists, we recover data nationwide.

Since data recovery is our only niche we have all the state-of-the-art tools and advanced software to find lost data fast, even after lesser competitors have given up on the task.

We can recover data even after the worst hard drive crashes and disasters, including restoring lost data caused by human error, accidental deletions, malware and viruses, and hacking.

Here at Drive Data Recovery, as our name implies, we know how to find lost files on damaged hard drives and corrupted media. We also restore databases of any kind.

Our mission is to give you the peace of mind that comes from recovering data when other methods have fallen short.

When you need fast data recovery fast, we can help.

Data recovery is all we do

If you’ve lost data for any reason, at any time of day or night, we’re available for 24/7 emergency data recovery service. We also offer the industry’s best standard data recovery service, too.

Our mission is to be your best option for fast, affordable data recovery services, no matter which type of device or media you’re using.

Most important of all, here at Drive Data Recovery we have a reputation for success. Our reputation is the basis for our guarantee to you – If don’t recover data, we don’t charge.

Need expert data recovery? Just contact us now.