Tape data recovery

If your tape data storage system isn’t working and you’ve lost data, we can help. We’re America’s leading tape data recovery company.

Modern LTO tapes are sophisticated, reliable data storage devices, but physical damage or program instabilities may sometimes compromise data.

If your tape is physically damaged or the data is corrupted, you need tape data recovery experts with a stellar track record. We provide the most reliable tape data recovery services in the industry.

Your data is valuable, so our highly trained technicians take all necessary steps to recover it.

Here are some reasons our customers trust us for successful tape data recovery solutions.

Exceptional tape data recovery service

It’s very stressful when you can’t access data on your LTO tapes. Fortunately, our dedicated customer response team here at Drive Data Recovery is available 24/7.

They can conduct preliminary diagnostics over the phone and discuss your tape data recovery options.

Contact us immediately if you need tape data recovery. We’ll help you explore all the options.

Unsurpassed dependability in tape data recovery

It’s frustrating and stressful when the data on your LTO tapes is corrupted or lost, especially if you didn’t have an opportunity to back it up ahead of time.

Our team does everything possible to minimize that stress by providing timely and courteous responses.

Most important for you is our successful track record of tape data recovery results.

Our methods support all types of hardware

Our tape data recovery technicians are trained to service units from all Compliance-Verified LTO manufacturers, including

  • Maxell
  • Sony
  • TDK
  • Imation
  • Fujifilm

We can also recover data from tapes that predate LTO data storage

While the majority of companies use LTO tapes for data storage, some continue to use older DLT and AIT data storage devices.

Drive Data Recovery has the tools and expertise to successfully perform tape data recovery for older storage units, too.

Just let us know if your data is stored on older tapes. We’ll use the necessary tools to complete your tape data recovery.

Best success rate in tape data recovery

Drive Data Recovery uses cutting-edge tape data recovery technology while recovering your data.

Our tape data recovery services are conducted in state-of-the-art facilities, so microscopic contaminants don’t cause further damage to your LTO tapes

Our technicians carefully dismount the tape, inspect it for defects and process it. They also use proprietary technology to fully recovery any corrupted or damaged data.

Then, we transfer your data to a backup LTO tape.

Since our experts are so experienced, they can successfully recover data from your tapes in almost every case.

We’re trained to handle any challenge in tape data recovery

Many different types of problems can compromise the data on an LTO tape. Data may be unreadable if

  • The tape suffers from a high impact force
  • Data is accidentally overwritten
  • Your tape is exposed to excessive temperatures
  • The tape is submerged in liquids
  • Your tape is exposed to malware or an unstable program
  • Programs are improperly upgraded

Each of these problems warrants a different tape data recovery solution. The experts here at Drive Data Recovery are trained to handle all of them.

If your tape is damaged, contact us right away and describe the nature of the problem. We’ll complete your tape data recovery more quickly if you describe the issue in as much detail as possible.

Our guarantee – We don’t charge unless the tape data recovery is successful

We believe in fair and transparent pricing. We provide preliminary quotes for every tape data recovery and never charge you unless we recover data.

Fast turnaround time

Companies frequently use LTO tapes to store high volumes of sensitive data. At Drive Data Recovery we understand that your organization may face serious challenges if the data is inaccessible.

So, our technicians perform tape data recovery as quickly as possible. Once we have it in our hands, we can complete a tape data recovery in as little as 24 hours or less, depending on the service option you choose and the nature of the problem.

Some tech companies bill customers for inadequate service, but Drive Data Recovery does not. We only charge you if the tape data recovery is completed successfully.

Drive Data Recovery – Your tape data recovery experts

If your LTO tapes are physically damaged or exposed to malicious malware, it’s important to work with a leading tape data recovery expert.

You should never try to salvage the data on your own or turn to an inexperienced data recovery company, because your tape may be damaged even more.

We’re the nation’s leading tape data recovery company. We have an unparalleled track record for recovering data for our customers.

Need your data recovered? Contact us right now.