SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives, or SSDs, are rapidly growing in popularity due to their reliable flash memory and high-speed data transfer rates. SSDs contain no moving parts, unlike hard disk drives, which makes them more reliable and durable. However, even though solid-state memory is more dependable than traditional hard disk drives, SSDs are not perfect. Any technology can fail, putting your data at risk.

Drive Data Recovery is a leading data recovery provider for all SSD devices. Whether you need your data recovered from an external drive, a computer, or any other SSD device, our experts are equipped with the experience and the technology to help you. Our high success rate, efficient turnaround times, and confidentiality guarantee have made us one of the top names in data recovery nationwide. If your SSD device fails, the qualified experts at Drive Data Recovery can help recover your data.

ssd data recoveryTypes of SSD Devices We Service

Individuals and businesses have different needs when it comes to speed, capacity, durability, and budget. SSDs provide a faster, more stable data storage solution versus traditional hard disk drives, and the availability of SSDs has increased in recent years. The experts at Drive Data Recovery are up to date on SSD technology and are qualified to work on every model and brand of SSD. We can recover data from any SSD device, including:

  • SATA
  • SAS
  • PCIe
  • SanDisk
  • Western Digital
  • Toshiba
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Kingston
  • Samsung

Common Symptoms of Failing SSD Devices

The durability of your SSD may protect against physical damage, but any SSD can fail, putting your data at risk. Recognizing the early signs of a failing SSD before significant data loss or damage occurs can drastically improve your chances of fully recovering any lost data.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact an expert at Drive Data Recovery today.

  • Inaccessible or missing data
  • Drive not recognized by device
  • Slow device performance
  • Slow drive data read/write speed
  • Overheating device
  • Repeated freezing, crashing, or errors
  • Blue or black screen

Causes of SSD Data Loss & Failure

Identifying the cause of your data loss is the first step our experts take during the free diagnosis of your SSD device. Once we have identified the cause, we can select the best method to recover your data. You will receive a diagnostic report that details the cause and provides an up-front quote on the cost to recover your data and the time required for the recovery process.

While data loss can occur because of a range of issues or accidents, the three fundamental types of damage that cause SSD data loss are logical drive failure, electrical drive failure, and physical damage.

Logical drive failure, or corruptions to your storage data, can occur if your drive is mishandled while reading or writing your data. Disconnecting or turning off your drive while it is in use can make your data inaccessible or invisible.

Electrical drive failure can occur when a surge of electricity hits your drive. Faulty hardware, power outages, and lightning storms can all cause electrical damage, putting your data at risk.

Physical damage to your drive, is less common with solid-state memory, since it has no moving parts, but no device is completely safe from drops, spills, or disk degradation due to aging.

What to Do if Your SSD Device Fails

If your SSD fails or you realize your data is missing, Drive Data Recovery is here to help. If you cannot access data on your SSD device, follow these steps immediately to improve your chances of fully recovering your data:

  1. Safely turn off your SSD or properly eject the device.
  2. Remove all cables connected to your drive and remove the drive, if possible.
  3. Do not attempt to restore device power or use free data recovery software found on the web. This software often causes greater damage to the device and can make recovery impossible.
  4. Contact a specialist at Drive Data Recovery to start your free consultation.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery for SSD Recovery?

Millions of people rely on SSDs because of their reliability and durability, so when your SSD fails, you need a data recovery expert you can trust. Drive Data Recovery has state of the art equipment, a high success rate, and expertise in solid-state drives, which have made us one of the most trusted data recovery companies in the country. We also understand the importance of information security, which is why we offer an industry-leading confidentiality guarantee to keep your data secure at every step of the data recovery process.

As soon as we receive your device at any of our facilities, we will begin our free diagnosis process. You will receive a detailed diagnostic report and quote for your device, usually within 72 hours. Once you have approved the data recovery process, you will receive your private data within 7 to 10 days. We also offer rush emergency service to our clients for an additional fee.

Don’t wait. Contact a Drive Data Recovery expert to start your free consultation today.