Hitachi Data Recovery

Hitachi provides businesses with a wide variety of modular mid-range and high-end computer data storage devices. From local businesses to large corporations, companies from more than 170 countries worldwide trust Hitachi devices with their critical data. While Hitachi devices are highly innovative and reliable, no storage device is completely reliable.

Our technicians at Drive Data Recovery are highly trained in every type of storage hardware and software. Hitachi data products are high-end, which means that few service providers are qualified to perform data recovery on Hitachi devices. The experts at Drive Data Recovery are specialists in a range of Hitachi devices, including their Virtual Storage or Unified Storage lines and NAS Platforms. Our data recovery specialists are ready to help you recover your data.

hitachi data recoveryHitachi Devices We Recover

Hitachi produces a wide array of storage devices and platforms, trusted by several Fortune 100 businesses. Data drives, however, are imperfect pieces of technology that can fail and lose your data. Our experts are highly qualified to work with any Hitachi storage device, including:

  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • RAID Array
  • Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
  • Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
  • Hybrid Flash Storage
  • VSP line
  • Unified Storage VM line
  • Unified Storage 100 line
  • Hitachi Content Platform

Common Symptoms of Failing Hitachi Devices

Many businesses rely on Hitachi storage systems. The first step to protecting your data is to understand the symptoms of a failing Hitachi device. The sooner you take action, the better your chances at recovering your data. Contact Drive Data Recovery if you experience any of the following:

  • Hitachi device crashing
  • Warning messages
  • New network changes or requirements for device
  • Slower data transfer
  • Unable to make network connection
  • Hitachi device disconnecting from network
  • Unable to access data
  • Unrecognizable data drive
  • Clicking, beeping, or grinding sound coming from device

Causes of Hitachi Data Loss

Even a high-end data network isn’t perfect, unfortunately. Identifying the cause of your data loss is the first step our experts take during the free diagnosis of your Hitachi device. You will receive a diagnostic report that details the cause and provides an up-front quote on the cost to recover your data and the time required for the recovery process.

While data loss can occur because of a range of issues or accidents, the three fundamental types of damage that cause data loss are logical drive failure, electrical drive failure, and mechanical drive failure.

Logical drive failure is a corruption within the device or your drive data. Hitachi data devices use complex software and systems to store and categorize your data, which can also become corrupted.

Electrical drive failure is caused by electrical surges. While many devices have built-in protections, unexpected factors like electrical storms, faulty cables, and other malfunctioning hardware can put your data at risk.

Mechanical drive failure is impossible to completely protect against. Even with Hitachi’s hybrid flash drives that use no moving parts, accidents or simple malfunctions due to age can eventually cause data loss.

What to Do if Your Hitachi Device Fails

If your device breaks or you realize your data is missing, Drive Data Recovery is here to help. If your Hitachi device or storage drive fails, follow these steps immediately to improve your chances of fully recovering your data:

  1. Safely power off the device containing your Hitachi drive or hardware by holding down the power button.
  2. Remove any cables connected to the device.
  3. Do not attempt to restore device power or use free data recovery software found on the web. This software often causes greater damage to the device and can make recovery impossible.
  4. Contact a Hitachi Data Systems expert at Drive Data Recovery.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery for Hitachi?

Businesses and individuals across the country rely on Drive Data Recovery to recover data from Hitachi devices. Our clients depend on our reliability and high success rate, and our data recovery times are among the fastest in the country. We know the importance of security, which is why we provide a confidentiality guarantee that your data is secure at every step of the data recovery process.

Our recovery experts will provide you with a free, detailed diagnostic report and data recovery quote within 72 hours. Once you have approved the data recovery process, you will receive your private data within 7–10 days. We also offer rush emergency service for an additional fee if you need your data back in a hurry.

Don’t wait. Contact a Hitachi expert at Drive Data Recovery to start your free consultation today.