Hitachi data recovery

If you need expert Hitachi data recovery service, we can help. Drive Data Recovery has the industry’s best teams of technicians and engineers. We’ll restore your data quickly and successfully.

There are several different Hitachi hard drive and storage models, including Ultrastar, Travelstar, Eurostar, Cinemastar and Deskstar. The Deskstar hard drive is notorious for frequent crashes, and is sometimes nicknamed the “DeathStar.”

Whether you’re a victim of a hard drive crash, or your data loss was caused by other factors, we can help by providing our Hitachi data recovery service.
At Drive Data Recovery, we’re experts when it comes to dealing with all Hitachi models, whether old or new. We have the highest success rate for Hitachi data recovery. We’re the best in our Industry.

Signs of impending data loss

  • Weird sounds like knocking or clicking
  • A burning smell

These symptoms are the first telltale signs of damage to your Hitachi drive. They may indicate a burnt circuit board, or a bad recording head that sticks to platters. Either of these symptoms means you’ll probably need Hitachi data recovery.

After turning off the device, you shouldn’t restart it. A restart might can data to be overwritten. Contact us immediately to help avoid further damage. There are several reasons why your Hitachi device may suffer from data loss and require a Hitachi data recovery.

  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Accidental overwrite or reformatting of the drive
  • Malware or viruses
  • External damage such as water
  • Burnt circuit boards
  • Bad heads on the glass platter

If you encounter any problem, immediately contact us to begin the Hitachi data recovery process. Here are some reasons why we have such a good reputation for Hitachi data recovery.

The best success rates for Hitachi data recovery

  • We make it a point to train and hire the best technicians for Hitachi data recovery
  • We keep up-to-date Hitachi data recovery tools
  • We work in appropriate facilities for each Hitachi data recovery
  • We maintain good communications with all customers during the Hitachi data recovery
  • Our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions about Hitachi data recovery

No recovery, no charge

The last thing you want to worry about during a Hitachi data recovery process is being charged for unsuccessful results. That’s why we have a “no recovery, no charge” guarantee. If we don’t recover data, you don’t pay.

Expedited service for emergencies

There are times when a few business days is too long to wait before beginning to recover lost files. We’ll start the Hitachi data recovery as soon as we receive your device or media. Simply contact our customer service team and let them know that you need an expedited service.

Steps for a successful Hitachi data recovery

Resist the temptation to try a DIY Hitachi data recovery solution. Do-it-yourself remedies often cause further data loss.

It’s important to get a Hitachi data recovery right the first time to prevent more damage. Contact our Hitachi data recovery experts now.

  • Reason for the data loss, if known
  • Your desired timeframe for data recovery

With our proven tools and long experience in Hitachi data recovery, we can get your data back very quickly.

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