Encrypted data recovery

If you need to recover your encrypted data, we can help. We’re America’s foremost experts in encrypted data recovery.

You’ve encrypted your data for maximum security. Unfortunately, high-level encryptions can create serious complications if data is accidentally deleted or corrupted and needs to be recovered.

Fortunately, we offer the most reliable and most secure encrypted data recovery services in the United States.

We provide timely, top-tier encrypted data recovery services. Here are the primary factors that set us apart from other encrypted data recovery companies.

Data security is a top priority

Even if your data has 2048-bit encryption, you can’t take the risk that anyone without the right security clearance will gain access to it. Fortunately, you can always trust us to keep your data properly secured throughout the encrypted data recovery process.

We have the security clearances needed to work with government contractors, corporations and other agencies responsible for handling very sensitive, encrypted data.

We take the most stringent measures possible to ensure your data is protected. We conduct strict background checks to ensure only the most trusted encrypted data recovery technicians work for us.

We also have clear protocols to eliminate the risk of your data being compromised.

These encrypted data recovery security protocols include taking a series of sector-by-sector images of your source drive, rather than accessing the original data. Data can be returned in an encrypted or decrypted format at your request.

We never disclose any of your data to third-parties without your explicit consent and verifying they have the proper clearance. Encrypted data will be promptly destroyed after it’s been restored.

Please contact us if you need to learn more about our security clearances and commitment to confidentiality.

We have an unparalleled success rate as an encrypted data recovery company

We’ve earned one of the highest success rates in the industry, because we are strongly committed to customer satisfaction and only bill for successful encrypted data recovery services.

Our encrypted data success rate is stellar, because we –

  • Hire the very best encrypted data recovery experts in the country
  • Invest in top-tier encrypted data recovery technology
  • Have a proven, proprietary encrypted data recovery process
  • Handle all encrypted data recovery solutions in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom

Contact us to learn more about the measures we take to ensure your encrypted data recovery is successful.

We’re committed to integrity and transparency

When you need an encrypted data recovery, you need a company that you can trust. In addition to taking stringent precautions to protect your data, we’re committed to living up to the highest level of integrity.

We deliver on this promise by –

  • Always offering honest feedback to our valued customers
  • Being transparent about any issues we encounter during the encrypted data recovery process
  • Providing a clear, no obligation quote before beginning your encrypted data recovery
  • Never charging more than our initial estimate

You can always trust us to provide honest, dependable service.

We offer a no recovery, no charge guarantee for all encrypted data recovery services

We strongly believe customers should never be charged if their encrypted data recovery is unsuccessful. We provide a strict no recovery, no charge guarantee on all encrypted data recovery services.

Please contact us to learn more about our no recovery, no charge guarantee on encrypted data recovery services and other billing policies.

When will you need our encrypted data recovery services?

Encrypted data can be stored on many different types of devices, but the causes of data loss are relatively similar. Your data may be lost or inaccessible if –

  • Your device or hard drive was physically damaged in any way
  • Your data was exposed to a virus that renders it unreadable
  • Your data was destroyed by a computer worm
  • Your data was accidentally deleted by someone on your team without malicious intent
  • Hackers or a rogue employee destroyed your encrypted data
  • You experienced a RAID rebuild failure
  • You have header issues with your partition encryption
  • Encrypted files were partially overwritten

Due to the high-profile nature of encrypted information, it’s vital that you immediately contact us for an encrypted data recovery.

When you reach out to us, be sure to let us know –

  • What factors led to the data loss (i.e. malware, accidental deletion or physical trauma to your hard drive)
  • What device or hard drive your data was stored on
  • What types of files our encrypted data recovery team must look for
  • How quickly your files need to be restored

Our encrypted data recovery team will promptly develop a course of action and provide the timely service you require.

Contact us if you need an encrypted data recovery

Drive Data Recovery is a global leader in encrypted data recovery solutions. We provide exceptional, timely service.

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