Email Recovery

Millions of people and businesses rely on email every day. Emails are frequently deleted to make space for more, but critical emails can be lost during this process. When you need to recover lost emails, our experts are here to help. Drive Data Recovery offers one of the leading email data recovery services in the country. With locations across the nation, efficient turnaround times, and a high success rate, we can quickly restore your deleted email data.

Emails can easily be lost. Whether your emails were deleted accidentally or on purpose, our experts can use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to recover them. If you need to recover email data, contact an expert at Drive Data Recovery today to begin the email recovery process.

email recoveryCauses of Email Data Loss & Failure

After you drop off your device at any of our locations, we will start our free diagnosis process by determining the cause of your deleted emails. Once we have identified the cause, we can select the best method to recover your data. You will receive a diagnostic report that details the cause and provides an up-front quote on the cost to recover your data and the time required for the recovery process.

Many problems can cause deleted email data. While accidentally deleting emails is frequently the cause, there are other ways your data may become deleted. There are three fundamental types of device damage that can cause your email data to disappear: logical drive failure, electrical drive failure, and mechanical drive failure.

Logical drive failure, or corruptions to your storage data, can result in email data loss due to unplugging, disconnecting, or shutting down the storage device while the drive is busy writing or reading your data. Accidentally deleting your emails, deleting drive data, or formatting your drive are also common causes of logical drive failure.

Electrical drive failure can put all of your email data at risk without your knowledge. Power surges from faulty equipment, power outages, and lighting storms can cause damage and delete data.

Mechanical drive failure includes any physical damage, such as drops or spills to your device, which can damage the device and cause your email data to become inaccessible.

Types of Email Data We Recover

Emails and digital communication are centrally important to our daily lives. We have become accustomed to accessing this data from almost any kind of electronic device. However, some methods and devices used for email storage are safer than others, and deleting emails from one device can remove them entirely from your email archive. In cases like these, you need the help of a qualified expert in all email services and file formats. Our experts can recover any type of lost email data, including:

  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo mail
  • PST
  • MSG
  • EML
  • RTF

What to Do if You Lose Email Data

If you accidentally delete your emails or can’t access your data, Drive Data Recovery is here to help. Follow these steps immediately to improve your chances of fully recovering your data:

  1. Safely turn off your storage device or properly eject and remove the drive.
  2. Remove all cables connected to your device.
  3. Do not attempt to restore device power or use free data recovery software found on the web. This software often causes greater damage to the device and can make recovery impossible.
  4. Contact a specialist at Drive Data Recovery to start your free consultation.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery for Email Recovery?

At Drive Data Recovery, we know your email data is important. Emails often contain critical and private information, which is why we offer an industry-leading confidentiality guarantee to ensure your data is safe during every step of the data recovery process. Our customers across the country rely on our security, high success rate, and fast data turnaround times.

After we receive your device at any of our state of the art facilities, we will provide a free, detailed diagnostic report and quote within 72 hours. Once you have approved the data recovery process, you will receive your private data within 7 to 10 days. We also offer a rush emergency service to our clients for an additional fee.

Don’t wait. Contact a Drive Data Recovery expert to start your free consultation today.