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Durham, North Carolina was founded shortly after the Civil War, and it prospered as a tobacco market and railroad hub for many years. Yet, over the past 150 years, it’s grown into a thriving technology center.

Fortune and other publishers have recently published glowing reviews of some of Durham’s most promising technology startups. New technology companies are launched in the community every year. Durham tech startups have an edge over the competition, because they are strongly dependent on big data. Unfortunately, their reliance on data also makes them vulnerable to data loss.

Drive Data Recovery offers leading data recovery services to Durham tech companies that have suffered unexpected data loss. Bring your device or media to our Durham, North Carolina drop-off center. , and we’ll recover the data for you.

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Durham’s leading data recovery service

Drive Data Recovery is Durham’s leading provider of lost data recovery services. We pride ourselves on our success rate in recovering data.

Lost or deleted data in Durham?

If you’ve lost or accidentally deleted data from your hard disk, mobile device, or system, or if you have damaged media with unrecoverable data, we can help. Wherever you live, whether you’re in downtown Durham or anywhere in North Carolina, we can find and restore your data quickly and easily.

Just bring your hard drive, device, or media to our convenient drop-off center listed here, and our expert team will recover your data.

Our technicians have plenty of experience in recovering data from any type of device or system. Best of all, our data recovery guarantee is simple and easy to understand – We only charge if we recover your data.

Best data recovery in Durham

At Drive Data Recovery Durham we love the challenge of finding deleted data, and we have ways of recovering the same “lost” data that inexperienced technicians and neighborhood geeks have already given up on.

Our team of data recovery professionals is highly-trained and dedicated to finding and saving lost and deleted data. We work at the highest standards of our industry, which is why we have the best success rate for data recovery of every kind.

Drop-off or pick-up data recovery service

Most folks who need data recovery service drop off their damaged hard drives, devices or media at our convenient drop-off center here in Durham, North Carolina, yet we can also arrange for pick up data recovery service at your home or business anywhere in the area.

Expert diagnosis and data recovery

As soon as we receive your damaged hard drive at our diagnostic facility, we can begin the data recovery process. We’ll quickly diagnose the reasons why you can’t access your data, and we’ll work to restore it.

In nearly every case, we find that your data isn’t really gone, even if it’s been deleted or overwritten – It’s just a matter of finding and restoring it, using our proprietary data recovery tools and many years of experience.

Our techs also provide 24-7 data recovery support by phone and email. Have a question? Just contact us anytime.

Need data recovery?

For fast, easy data recovery bring your hard drive, device or media to our drop-off center, or contact us for pick-up right now.

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