Asus Data Recovery

Asus laptops and mobile devices are growing in popularity, but the brand does not have the same reach as leading competitors like Apple and Dell. While some of our clients choose Asus devices because of the balance of price, power, and features the brand provides, the lack of a national brand presence means that few service providers are qualified to perform data recovery on Asus devices.

Drive Data Recovery is an expert at recovering data from Asus computers, storage drives, and mobile devices, and the technology and tactics we use are cutting edge. Our reliability in data recovery, along with our expert brand knowledge and industry-leading confidentiality guarantee, have made Drive Data Recovery a top data recovery service. If you suspect that your Asus hardware is damaged, contact us immediately so we can help get your data back as fast as possible.

asus data recoveryAsus Devices We Recover

A significant number of Asus devices contain memory storage drives that can fail. The lesser popularity of Asus in the U.S. means that few businesses are able to work with these products at our expert level. Our team of dedicated data recovery specialists can restore data from any Asus device with a drive, including:

  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Gaming PCs
  • Chromebooks
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • USB/flash drives
  • External hard drives

Common Symptoms of Failing Asus Devices

The warning signs of a damaged or failing Asus drive can be difficult to notice. Other than obvious accidents like spills and drops, there are more subtle signs that your data is at risk. If you begin experiencing any of these common symptoms of a failing data drive, you should contact us immediately.

  • Frequent error messages
  • Repeated program crashes or disk errors
  • Device unrecognizable
  • Slow read/write speeds, or overall sluggish device behavior
  • Black or blue screen and error messages
  • Mysterious and sudden data loss
  • Device running hot
  • Unusual noises or clicking from your drive
  • Other issues, glitches, and general strange behavior

Causes of Asus Data Loss

As part of our two-step data recovery process, it is critical that we first identify the problem with the drive before we begin recovering your data. There can be several different or compounding causes for data loss and drive failure, which our skilled experts are highly trained to diagnose. While Asus drives can fail for several reasons, our experts find that device failure usually falls into one of three categories: logical drive failure, electrical drive failure, and mechanical drive failure.

Logical drive failure can cause even a brand-new Asus computer or smart device to lose some or all of its data. Unplugging your drive without properly ejecting it or powering down the device while the drive is busy are a few common causes of logical drive errors, which can make your data inaccessible.

Electrical drive failure can cause data loss when a surge of electricity reaches your device. This malfunction is often due to other faulty hardware connected to the device, like chargers, batteries, and cables, but it can even happen during electrical storms.

Mechanical drive failure is also common due to accidents, such as moving or dropping your Asus device while powered on or allowing moisture into the drive, but simple disk degradation over time can also account for some mechanical damage.

What to Do if Your Asus Device Fails

If you know your Asus device is damaged or suspect that the drive might be failing, follow these steps immediately to ensure the best chance of saving your data:

  1. Stop using the device immediately, turn the power off, and/or unplug it.
  2. Remove the battery and the storage device(s), if possible.
  3. Do not attempt to restore device power or use free data recovery software found on the web. This software often causes greater damage to the device and can make recovery impossible.
  4. Contact Drive Data Recovery to speak with a specialist and begin your device diagnosis and recovery immediately.

Why Choose Drive Data Recovery for Asus?

When you need to retrieve critical information, you need a data recovery company you can trust. Drive Data Recovery has a proven track record of customer satisfaction, expedience, and confidentiality. As the leading data recovery and IT experts focused solely on recovering your information, Drive Data Recovery pushes the industry forward with our fast turnaround times, advanced facilities, transparent pricing, and confidentiality guarantee.

Once you contact us, we can provide a free, detailed diagnostic report and quote within 72 hours. With your approval, we will begin the data recovery process and recover your data within 7 to 10 days. We also offer expedited and emergency rush services for an additional fee.

Don’t wait. Contact a Drive Data Recovery expert to start your free consultation today.